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Learn how to take back your health by getting to know your body, and living a healthy life inside and out.
Intuitive Health Educator

Rachel Taylor .

Rachel Reinhart Taylor M.D. is an intuitive health educator with a passion for serving underserved populations. Throughout her career, she has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in holistic care from working alongside Native Americans on reservations throughout the United States. While doing medical mission work, she realized that she wanted to help others have the chance to learn how to live healthier and happier lives. She went on to earn certifications for meditation teaching and acupuncture in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of health. Now, Taylor has made it her mission to teach others about the unification of the mind, body, and spirit as a means of healing, as well as provide health and wellness practices for a healthier life.

Medication Detox .

How to Live Your Best Health

Are you looking for new ways to become your healthiest self? You’re not alone, and the good news is that the way to take back your health and life is not as hard as you think.

It seems like everyday there are new recommendations for things to do and things to consume in order to be a healthy individual. It’s an expensive and never ending cycle. You try to keep up, but sometimes you wonder: “Is what I’m doing really working?”

Enough is enough. No more fads. No more gimmicks. It’s time for facts. It’s time to learn how to make small changes that make a big difference and ultimately put your health back in your hands.


Kind Words from Those We've Helped .

Matty Y

Dr. Taylor's book offers an insight into the lives of doctors and the dichotomy of the practice of medicine versus the realities of life. Addressing common issues of sleep deprivation, fatigue, acne, and other common illnesses prevalent in the 21st century through anecdotal evidence and easy to digest scientific findings.

Shikib Mostamand, MD

Dr. Taylor effectively captures our current zeitgeist with her enthralling book. A must read for anyone who regards their mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. She delves into one of the most prominent areas of interest and current research - the mind-body connection.

Vanessa Shurtleff, PharmD, BCPS, MBA

I would recommend this book to all of my patients! An easy read and refreshing perspective from a physician, the author reminds us of the simple, basic lifestyle modifications that are essential to improving our health. I see “Polypharmacy” too often, unnecessarily, and this book encourages patients to MEDICATION DETOX.

The Organic Blondie

Dr. Rachel Taylor is so passionate about helping her patients and it is very apparent in her book. She is such a beautiful soul who truly wants to help her patients and her readers learn how to heal their bodies!

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