Everyday Places to Practice Meditation

Meditation offers a wide range of holistic benefits. Though you may think that you have to wake up early to meditate or even have a special place to do it, this is not necessarily true. Creating a meditation practice that works for you supersedes any arbitrary rules or pre-conceived notions you may have about meditation. Today we’re going to talk about how you can actually find time and places to meditate throughout your day. After all meditation is a practice you can take with you anywhere. 

Finding Your Practice Within Yourself 

Meditation is a practice you can take anywhere. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and a sense of focus. Many people use particular positions or internally spoken mantras to help center themselves, but remember that your practice is flexible and should be created with your needs in mind. Find the mantras and positions that work for you. You can try out any number of techniques from others, but the most important thing to keep in mind with meditation is that it’s not about practicing perfectly; it’s about practicing mindfully. 

Your Car

Believe it or not, one of the most convenient places to meditate is in your car. Depending on where you park, your car can offer a safe, quiet, and comfortable place to do some quality meditation. One of the best ways to meditate in your car is by getting into the front passenger seat, taking your shoes off, and putting the seat back. Afterwards, close your eyes and let your body loosen up. You can stay in this position for any amount of time you’d like. 


If weather conditions are ideal, the park offers an excellent space to meditate. You can find a comfortable bench or patch of grass to sit on to begin. When choosing your location, make sure that you’re not going to be under direct sunlight and that you won’t be interrupted by other people. Since you are in a public space, you may want to avoid meditation postures where the hands are held in special “mudras” on the knees or held out to the sides. Instead, opt for a regular seated posture with your hands on your lap. 

Moving Meditation 

Sometimes there aren’t any ways we’re able to sit down and take a few moments for ourselves during particularly busy days. However, these are often the days where we may need meditation the most! Thankfully, even walking can become a place of meditation for you as long as you’re bringing mindfulness and focus into your activities. At the end of the day, meditation is about being present and letting go of outside worry and influence for a few minutes. You can achieve that anywhere and at anytime; you have everything you need. 

Want to Learn More About Meditation?

Meditation takes practice. Some people struggle with it and that’s why they enlist the help of an expert, like Rachel Taylor M.D. She’ll work with you and help you develop routine meditation practices that will benefit your health and your overall life experience. If you’re ready to reclaim yourself and feel your best, contact Rachel Taylor today. 

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