Intuition can save your life – and your health

Did you know intuition benefits your health?

You might have heard stories about people who “just had a feeling” that literally saved their life, perhaps by alerting them to danger before it happened or providing a split-second decision that prevented serious consequences.

Naturally, preventing serious injury (or even death) is beneficial to health. However, intuition can serve your healthcare goals in other ways, too.

Tuning into your “inner knowing” is a powerful tool for making healthcare decisions and taking control of your own wellbeing.

In a recent study,[1] researchers asked 13 people to play an online roulette game, betting small sums and trying to win as often as possible. The participants were attached to devices that measured their heart rhythms (HRV) and skin conductance levels (SCR), which measure a person’s response to stimuli.

These measures detect infinitesimally small fluctuations, letting researchers get real-time feedback on how a person is responding to something happening in the world around them.

As each player placed their bets, these devices recorded precisely when the participant responded physiologically to the roulette game.

Significantly, participants reacted to the game before they placed the bet, indicating that their body was sending them signals separate from their conscious awareness. That is, the participants were reacting to an “inner stimulus” that assisted them in making their choice.

These signals represent intuition – the inner knowing that alerts us to truths outside the conscious realm.

By “connecting the dots,” intuition allows us to make split-second decisions without having to analyze every angle. That’s why when you get a “bad vibe” about someone your body reacts so strongly. It is warning you that that person is unsafe.

If you’ve experienced this, you know how crucial it is to listen to that inner feeling, especially when not all information is readily available.

Still, is everyone good at intuition? Can we all learn to do it?

Each participant also took a questionnaire that measured personality characteristics aligning them with intuition. More analytical people are considered less intuitive, and vice versa.

In other words, some participants had greater awareness of their internal physiological responses – they were more “in tune” with the signals in their body.

The researchers found no real difference in winning ability between people who were naturally intuitive and those who were not. In fact, a bigger factor was whether it was the full moon – as intuition has been found to be stronger at the full moon than at other times.[2]

So, regardless of whether you are naturally intuitive or not, you can still learn to tap into your inner knowing.

The participants got to keep their winnings, but intuition can do so much more than help you win the lottery.

According to the researchers, “learning to attune to and become more conscious of the internal physiological signals, especially the afferent signals from the heart, is an important factor in increasing one’s access to nonlocal intuitive information.”

Literally, the electrochemical signals from your heart can alert you to otherwise hidden troves of knowledge. Intuition makes us privy to in-the-moment information that, quite literally, can save our lives.

The study suggested, overall, that “if participants had been able to become more attuned to their internal physiological responses, they would have performed much better on the betting choices that were made.”

Likewise, learning to attune yourself to your internal physiological responses (trusting your gut) can assist you in making decisions about your everyday health and wellness.

For instance, some medications work for some, but can be disastrous for others[SB1] .  

When choosing care providers, medications, treatments, regimens, and other kinds of healthcare interventions, its crucial to rely on internal guidance. Everyone is different, and what works for some might not work for all. Side effects, chemicals, overdosage, and other potential pitfalls of medical treatments wreak havoc on those who might have no clue what is safe for their personal needs and physiology.

That is why I wrote my book, Medication Detox: How to Live Your Best Health, Simplified,which teaches you to tune into your intuition to make the right decisions for your health and wellness, every single time.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your personal needs – I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

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[1] McCraty R, Atkinson M. Electrophysiology of Intuition: Pre-stimulus Responses in Group and Individual Participants Using a Roulette Paradigm. Glob Adv Health Med. 2014;3(2):16-27. doi:10.7453/gahmj.2014.014

[2] Eckhard E. Solar-periodic full moon effect in the fourmilab retropsychokinesis project experiment data: An exploratory study. J Parapsychol. 2005;69(2):233-61.