Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Package
(7 Sessions)

Embark on a transformative 7-week journey towards holistic well-being with Dr. Rachel Taylor’s exclusive Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Package. This comprehensive program blends functional medicine and energy healing, providing a unique approach to harmonizing your physical, emotional, and energetic aspects. The program is fully remote and tailored to meet your individual needs, the package includes:


Initial Intake Session:

In-depth discussion of your health history and wellness goals.


Weekly Sessions
(1 Hour Each, for 6 Weeks):

Functional medicine consultations addressing physical health.

Energy healing sessions for emotional and spiritual alignment.


Discount on Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements:

Access to high-quality supplements to support your health journey.



Personalized evaluation and management of medications as needed.


Two Functional Medicine Tests Included:

Comprehensive testing to uncover underlying health imbalances.


Discount on Remote Intranasal Ketamine 6-Week Program:

Medically supervised ketamine therapy for emotional well-being.


Direct Communication Access to Dr. Taylor:

Stay connected throughout the program for guidance and support.

Invest in your well-being for $4,000 and start your journey towards optimal health. Dr. Taylor’s expertise, personalized care, and integrated approach will empower you to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Limited slots available to ensure focused and individualized attention. Contact our office to schedule your first session and begin your transformative wellness journey today. Payment plans available.