Holistic Healing and Functional
Medicine Services

Comprehensive Consultation (90 minutes)
  • Personalized functional medicine assessment
  • In-depth exploration of physical, emotional, and energetic health
  • Individualized treatment plan integrating both functional medicine and energy healing principles

Plant and Psychedelic Ceremony Support
  • Guidance and preparation for individuals participating in plant or psychedelic ceremonies
  • Medication and supplement management prior to and after ceremony
  • Holistic support for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

Mushroom Microdosing Schedule
  • Tailored mushroom microdosing protocols for cognitive enhancement and emotional balance
  • Regular check-ins and adjustments to optimize the microdosing experience
  • Education on the potential benefits and risks associated with microdosing

6-Week Ketamine Program
  • Medically supervised remote intranasal ketamine therapy program
  • Holistic approach integrating functional medicine principles
  • Emotional and energetic support throughout the program
  • Integration sessions to maximize therapeutic results by holistic healing coach

Holistic Wellness Checkup (1 hour)
  • Thorough assessment of physical and energetic health
  • Functional medicine evaluation with emphasis on preventive care
  • Energy healing session to promote balance and well-being

Customized Nutritional Counseling- provided by holistic nutritionist
  • Personalized dietary plans based on functional medicine principles
  • Education on the importance of nutrition for overall health
  • Ongoing support and adjustments to meet individual needs

Integrative Mind-Body Medicine Stress Management Program
  • Techniques for stress reduction, including mindfulness and breathwork
  • Functional medicine approach to identify and address underlying causes of stress
  • Regular sessions for ongoing support and optimization

Note: All services are conducted by Dr. Rachel Taylor, a board-certified family medicine physician with expertise in functional medicine and holistic healing practices. Unless otherwise specified. These services aim to provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to health and well-being.